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Cheverly Native Planting Project layered over yellow and white flowers.

Community Native Planting Project

About Us

Community Native Planting Project is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which believes in the power of native plants as cornerstones in restoring the ecological balance. Since our founding in July 2020, reducing invasive, nonnative plants, decreasing the amount of turf grass, reestablishing site-appropriate native plants in public and private spaces, and thereby curbing climate change impacts to our greater community have been our primary objectives. But much like the native plant movement - we're growing. Join us as we plant with a purpose.

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"If half of American lawns were replaced with native plants, we would create the equivalent of 20 million acre national park, nine times bigger than Yellowstone, or 100 times bigger than Shenendoah National Park."

Doug Tallamy

Impact in CNPP's First 2 Years


Community Sites

Six (6) public spaces in the Town of Cheverly came under CNPP's stewardship in the first two years. We're growing the number of sites, and fostering strong collaborations while creating sustainable scaling for our volunteers.


Square Feet Transformed

In two years, CNPP contributed over 400 native plants to the community and Town of Cheverly - including 52 new native shrubs in the 2-for-1 Plant Trade program, 264 new native trees and shrubs planted, and 128 Common Milkweed given away to residents. Over 100 native seed packs were distributed and 6 pounds of native seed spread across our sites! Over 42,000 square feet of Cheverly benefitted from our volunteers and community!


Hours Volunteered

Volunteers gave CNPP over 2,600 hours of work and contribution to removing invasive plants and adding native species. More than double our first year!

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