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Founded in 2020, CNPP is a nonprofit organization which emphasizes the use of native plants as a cornerstone to combating climate change.

Residents of Cheverly, Maryland, recorded increased storm water infiltration and observed declining insect and bird populations across the areas for many years. When assessing the healthy of the land in the community, those same residents recognized the chronic intentional and unintentional presence of invasive and nonnative plant species in public and private spaces. So they got to work.

Cheverly Native Planting Project was created to restore ecological balance in Cheverly.


As time passed, our scope and reach grew across the area. We became a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Community Native Planting Project, Inc, in 2023 to reflect our growth and the growth of the native plant movement.

We believe our private and public lands can do so much more than look pleasant. The same land, with the right plants in the right place, can contribute to rebalancing our environment.

Join us as we plant with a purpose!

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