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Cheverly Nature Park

Site Leader - Suzi Berkey Hanson

The Cheverly Nature Park is CNPP’s largest site. It is a fantastic natural area that is filled with native blueberries, mountain laurels, ferns, and more! Unfortunately, the areas of the park which abut homes are victim to invasive landscaping escapees. It is a prime example of how over 80% of invasive plants originate in ornamental landscaping. The native plants near Tremont Ave were overrun and killed by invasive wisteria, English ivy, vinca, privets, and honeysuckle bushes and vines. CNPP cleared most of the privets, honeysuckle, and wisteria in 2021 and will spend the next few years working to make sure they don’t take over again. We are watching and waiting to see which native plants return and will move on to other invasive plants in other parts of the park when possible.

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