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Hummingbird Hill

Site Leader - Diane Beedle

Hummingbird Hill is the first CNPP site, started in July 2020. The roughly 5,700 sq ft of hillside is located on the north side of the track at Cheverly Town Park behind and to the east of the red brick wall. The space was overrun with invasive vines that killed the understory shrubs and plants and was threatening the trees. On the lower section, stormwater runoff eroded ravines into the hill and mud would cover the town track after rains. Since coming under CNPPs care, a rain swale has been installed, slowing down the storm water and making the track safer. Hundreds of understory shrubs and plants were added to create a healthier landscape. The improvements garnered recognition as a Bird-Friendly Habitat from the Prince George's Audubon Society. The hillside is now thriving with natives like oak trees, cherry trees, sumacs, winterberries, cardinal flower, trumpet vine, and more. Once the understory is more established, CNPP will begin removing the invasive bamboo west of our current work.

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